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Powerful new functionality

Glenvern Group has just released our brand new functionality for 360 Tours.

We can now deliver an interactive 360 Tour direct from any Visualisation, Simulation, Emulation or Digital Twin.  This provides our customers with an interactive way to present solutions or share data, either to the end client or internally within an organisation.  The whole process can be delivered remotely. 

A modern & immersive platform

Glenvern Group can develop a range of 360 Tours that provide a modern & immersive platform for introducing what traditionally have been paper based solutions.

What is a 360 tour?

An interactive 360 tour is a visual platform that can be viewed from PC's and most devices.
As the name implies, a 360 Tour provides a complete 360 degree perspective from each location viewpoint.

A 360 Tour is accessible to anyone with a smart-phone as it doesn't require any other dedicated equipment. 360 tours allow the user to navigate their way through a facility, process or location in much the same way Google Maps are navigated. A key feature of a 360 tour are the visual prompts that guide the user and act as a navigation tool through the chosen location.

Points of interest can be highlighted and key information displayed. Each point of interest within the 360 Tour can have embedded location information that may include text, images and video that further explain what the user is seeing.

A 360 tour can be provided for any location where an image or photo can be captured. Such locations could include a process, a piece of equipment or an entire facility.

How can a 360 Tour be of benefit?

A 360 Tour provides a digital platform that can be accessed from any Android, IOS or PC Device. Ease of access makes delivery of a 360 tour extremely flexible & cost effective.

Use a 360 Tour to:

  • Present a new or existing solution
  • Deliver Sales, Marketing & Tender material
  • Deliver a highly accessible managed tour
  • Support a design proposal, facility upgrade, system layout changes
  • Highlight key infrastructure & specifications
  • Present solutions remotely

Watch this space for new Examples coming soon