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Glenvern Group provide Project Support solutions for the complete range of Emulate3D software products.

As expected turnaround times for completion of Capital Projects grows increasingly shorter, Glenvern's Project Support services are tailored to ensure optimal results are achieved by all customers.

Leading edge technology

Glenvern has strong relationships with leading edge technology and service providers to ensure optimum solutions are available.

Our support program can be precisely tailored to client’s preferences and needs

  • Acting as a lead project resource to clients or in a specialist support role
  • Provide technology tools and train clients teams in application and use
  • Develop specific modules and tools exclusively for clients
  • Undertake particular turnkey projects for clients
  • Work with third party suppliers of services and infrastructure

Glenvern has undertaken a diverse profile of projects ranging from complete Greenfield site simulation for major corporate clients, development of discreet simulation models for detailed automation equipment, through to specialist Virtual Reality modules for pre-commissioning of client operator personnel.

Glenvern takes an intimate approach when delivering Project Support activities to clients.

Clarity throughout each stage of the project is achieved through communication onsite, by phone and a selection of web formats.

Customised Project Support

Project Support is customised to suit the individual requirements for each clients project and can typically be grouped into the following categories:

Sales & Marketing

[ Demonstration models for system evaluation and review, Visual Material outputs to a variety of high quality image & video formats, interactive Virtual Reality and 3D Fly-throughs]


[ Development of Simulations, PLC Controls Testing models, Dynamic Digital Twins]


[Dynamic Library Catalog's for client specific equipment, creation of software tool-sets, software personalisation including toolbars & custom functionality,]

General Project Support and advice

General Project Support and advice can be provided as part of the daily support service delivered to all clients. In many cases, basic project support and advice is provided at no-cost for those customers on an active Maintenance & Support package.

Glenvern can provide project support on an hourly, daily or weekly basis as required by the end user. Projects can be quoted upfront at a fixed price or blocks of hours can be pre-purchased at discounted rates and redeemed as required - ideal for clients who are unsure of their expected demand.

Dedicated Project Resources

Alternatively, Glenvern can provide a Dedicated Project Resources. Use Glenvern as an external resource or contracter who can take complete responsibility for delivery of the entire project. Remove the strain from your own workforce and reduce the need for a specialist resource within your company. Have a 'Turn key' fixed price solution delivered with minimal fuss using a dedicated Glenvern specialist.

Projects are varied and no two are ever the same.

A Scope is created & typically covers System functionality, key operating parametres and expected deliverables.

With no limit to project size or duration - projects can be as short as a few hours or stretch out beyond 12 months.

Ranging from single equipment simulations, through to custom library & catalog development, complete greenfield site simulations and functional PLC Commissioning and Dynamic Digital Twin models.

Please contact Glenvern Group for further information about Project Support options.

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