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Our Story


January 2020

Glenvern Associates rebrand to "Glenvern Group". A return to a name originally established almost 20 years earlier



Mid 2019

Glenvern Associates become a Rockwell Automation "Value Added Reseller - VAR"

January 2019

Emulate3D software company is purchased by Rockwell Automation




Glenvern Associates makes a sea change decision and relocates head office to the beachside city of Newcastle, NSW, as the city begins its 'tech' based revival


Separation of individual business's . Glenvern Technologies relocates to North America to focus on that region with Glenvern Associates becoming the core operation across Australasia.




The manufacturing optimisation services were growing exponentially and the growth of demand in US and South America particularly was suggesting that Glenvern Technologies P/L needed to further specialise and resource for a North American base


Glenvern Technologies P/L developed its own leading edge optimisation technology Called GlenPro. Deakin University in Victoria was commissioned to undertake key programming development.




Glenvern Group office opens in Canterbury Rd, Forest Hill to form as a base for the growing Glenvern team.


Glenvern Technologies P/L provided key services to diverse sectors throughout Australia/ NZ/ USA/Europe and SEA

Glenvern Associates Pty Ltd continued to provide key strategic support to senior executive teams in a very diverse client portfolio




Glenvern appointed as a Simul8 simulation software reseller and begin variety of projects implementing this technology across industry


Establishment of Glenvern Simulations Pty Ltd to manage a growing need for simulation activities across diverse industries. Glenvern Simulations assumed responsibility for the Automod Simulation technology across Australia and New Zealand.



Early 2000

Creation of a second company called Glenvern Technologies Pty Ltd to focus specifically upon manufacturing optimisation globally. Glenvern Technologies P/L selected and appointed key personnel to create plant improvement teams

Late 1999

Following successful optimisation projects at a range of Southcorp Australia/NZ plants, Glenvern Associates Pty Ltd retained by MD of Southcorp Group to undertake Glenvern's first Northern Hemisphere project and evaluate selected US packaging plants and undertake optimisation briefs



Mid 1999

Glenvern Associates Pty Ltd awarded first major national contract and commissioned by Southcorp group to review and optimise selected Australian Packaging plants and a key winery within the Southcorp Wine group


Glenvern Associates Pty Ltd formed a global partnership with a UK technology company that had developed the Pro-t-Con Optimisation Technology but had failed over a 7-8 year period to successfully bring to a widescale market.
Glenvern Associates Pty Ltd took on responsibility for global development of the technology and ultimately successfully implemented it across 4 continents.



1998 - mid 1999

Ricegrowers cooperative retained MRP and Glenvern Associates Pty Ltd to review entirety of milling and strategic planning operations.

October 1998

Glenvern Associates established providing strategic and operational improvement guidance and planning for manufacturing across Australia