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Partnered with industry leading technology providers

As the Industrial World moves into the Digital World, there is a requirement for the platforms that support it to do the same. Glenvern has partnered with industry leading technology providers within this space to deliver innovative Virtual Training solutions.

What is Virtual Training?

Virtual Training is a training solution delivered in a virtual environment. The virtual environment is a dimensionally accurate scale replication of the actual training location.

Each Virtual Training solution is a custom development for each scenario and delivered to the end user utilising an ever growing variety of Virtual Reality headsets. It can include sounds and is completely interactive.

Therefore functionality such as buttons, HMI Screens, operational characteristics of equipment can all be included.

Virtual Training scenario's are viewed by many within industry as forming a key component for delivery of training as we move into the digital future.

Why is Virtual Training effective?

As Virtual Reality technology becomes mainstream, it is now more accessible and most importantly very cost effective. Virtual Training can provide not only an Introduction, but also an Induction to the process or equipment the Virtual Training is based upon.

Virtual Reality provides a platform that allows operators to be introduced to equipment and processes in a safe environment and completely off-site. It allows the trainee to work through a training scenario in their own time. Key training details can be repeated if they weren't clear the first time.

Virtual Training allows the trainee to build up their confidence in a process prior to going on site or actually working on the equipment. Training can occur anytime and anywhere with effectively no limit to number of training attendees. Increase operator competency and provide a structured repetitive approach.

How can Virtual Training be implemented?

There are currently two methods for implementing Virtual Reality - tethered and standalone.

Tethered Virtual Reality headsets traditionally provide the highest detail and most interactive virtual reality solutions as they utilise the processing power of the computer they are tethered too. These headsets provide a highly interactive and visually impressive solution and Glenvern Group have delivered a range of scenario's using this method

However the emergence of Standalone VR headsets provide an exciting, cost effective and most importantly scalable virtual training solution. These headsets operate independently and do not require any computer to provide the virtual reality experience.

Standalone headsets are also small, portable and easily transported to any location.
Most importantly a standalone VR headset has internal tracking technology so no external hardware is required.

Complete training scenarios can be loaded into these headsets and the trainee can review in

Please contact Glenvern if you have any questions about Virtual Training solutions or would like to have an interactive demonstration.

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