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Design and test controls system logic in a completely virtual environment

The Emulate3D software technology provides a platform for users to design and test their controls system logic in a completely virtual environment. Glenvern Group can assist clients in the supply & development of the specific PLC Controls Testing model itself, allowing the client to focus purely on the control system.

Test and debug before the actual equipment is built

PLC Controls Testing models are delivered in a functional physics based 3D environment which is ideal for the virtual commissioning of a control system.

A virtual commissioning model provides a platform where the logical control system can be connected, tested and debugged before the actual equipment is built.

How does this process work?

Glenvern utilise the Emulate3D Controls Testing software and are specialists implementing this technology.

A virtual representation of the system proposal is developed based on the actual system specs, control system type and functional attributes as outlined by the client.

Once completed, the virtual model is exactly that - a virtual model of the physical equipment.

At this point, the Virtual model is handed over to the client where they can begin connecting and testing the actual control system

Just as the physical system needs a control system to operate it - so too does the virtual model.
This is what makes virtual commissioning so powerful - it utilises that same control system and connects natively - meaning the controls logic can be tested offsite and away from the projects critical path.

How does the Virtual model connect to the PLC Control system once it is delivered?

Glenvern Group will supply the completed virtual commissioning model along with a choice of Emulate3D Controls Testing & Runtime licenses.

For those clients that already use an Emulate3D software license, simply import the virtual model and begin connecting to your PLC through the inbuilt Tag Browser.

The virtual model can now become the test bed where control engineers can develop robust controls logic and thoroughly test a wide range of controls scenario's.

Emulate3D models can connect to a large range of PLC's and can be connected to other manufacturers products via a wide range of industrial protocols.

Off-line controls testing, or virtual commissioning, is an approach which allows the logical testing of an automated system’s controls to be taken off the project’s critical path.

10 of the most compelling reasons to utilise a virtual commissioning approach in your next automation project:

  1. Reduces on-site testing time and costs
  2. Reduces ongoing warranty costs
  3. Removes logic controls testing from the project’s critical path
  4. Allows controls testing to start earlier in the project cycle
  5. Increases control system quality and reduces start up and ramp issues
  6. Makes testing safer, and improves working conditions for the controls engineer
  7. Improves operator training and minimises disruption to existing production
  8. Improves relations between the integrator and the end user
  9. Makes overall project duration simpler to forecast and price
  10. Reduces the risk associated with the investment, making further investment in automation more likely

Please contact Glenvern Group to discuss more details about the supply and development of virtual commissioning models.

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